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Lerne den Designer kennen

Sebastian Bardach founded Reve Du Diable back in 2018. At the age of 15 he started to design clothes and already created his first privat clothing line, in the next couple years he really got into marketing and branding. Somehow everything came together and his decision was to found a brand that lets people express their inner darkness by wearing streetwear clothes. But not only that RDD should embraces the now in a sophisticated manner so we have the mission to make people show how they feel on the inside and to let me be what they want to be.


In my eyes Reve Du Diable is all about individual selfexpression!

- Sebastian Bardach


Q&A with Mr. Bardach

How did you got into designing?

I was always interested in art since my father is an artist I got into it very early, specially I like modern art and digital design because of the aestetic.

What did you inspire to make clothes?

After Niklas Mühlehner a very good friend of mine inspired me to wear streetwear my self, I got very interested in clothing and also started to design my own prints.

What is the goal with RDD?

We want to be the leading brand in the high-fashion sector, in the niche dark clothing, and establish a direct association with great musicians with the brand.



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